Jr bosch 2200cc injector

kr 1 500.00

Natural color extender with high flow 7mm filter, 3 times lenght and moore flow than 6mm regular filter . This injector is bolt on to Audi 5 syl 20v turbo engines and we uses these injectors on Fredricks Aasbø  Gt86 and all other 2jz builds.


Jr bosch 2200 cc injector


Fuel injector type: Saturated Nozzle: Multi-hole Spray: Wide cone, fully atomized Nominal static flow rates: 2,205 cc/min, 3.0 BAR 2,380 cc/min, 3.5 BAR 2,550 cc/min, 4.0 BAR Internal coil resistance: 9.5 Ohms Body Diameter: 16 mm O-rings: Viton, Upper and lower 14 mm O.D. Electrical connector type: EV1 (Bosch) Voltage: 8-15 volts Amperage: 1 amp.