About us

We are a company that have a lot of customers in Norway, and also a lot of customers in Europe and hole the way down to Australia that runs with our engines and tranmission. We also traveling map engines in Europe, and we always  try our best to give our customers extra service and support since we are a small company that can gives the extra support customer need.

Since 1994 we started playing with vw na and later turbos and nos on the street and dragstrip. A lot ot the time also was dedicated to boat racing and offshore.  In 2000 we was early out with 5 sylinder audi engine and made 600hp and ran 11,4sec @202kmt  on street tires in and old audi 80  quattro dayli use car.

In 2004 we made 1065hp in our old famous Audi 90 Quattro 5 syl 20v  and managed 6,3sec@202kmt, 250kmt@9,5sec on street tires.  Later in 2007 we made 1288hp in engine dyno with an extreme 5syl 20v turbo/nos engine .

We get moore and moore focus on track racing and drag racing was set on hold.

In 2011 our turbo  engine setup won the Norwegian championship  in Gt racing with Bjørnar Ass Porsche 996 turbo.

In 2013 we finally get our own 3000hp 4wd  axle hub dyno and dyno all our engines innhouse.  This year we also was proud choosen as a MaxxECU Distributor.

2016 was an amazing year when Formula Drift Champion  Fredrik Aasbø contacted us and want to use our MaxxECU Pro units  and race with our  2jz engines.

2018 will we do some racing again with our rebuild  full carbon m3 e92 twinturbo solution f car in corporation with Turbo1 Marcelo Garcia and drive in Gatebil time attack series.

2021 we won the Norwegian  Gt racing  Gt3 Champion ship with our Audi a4 turbo quattro racecar with Rino Rostad as driver and sett track records on all tracks in Norway in the Gt3 class.