MaxxECU U-MASK Model two face cover (black)

kr 574.00



Product no: 2143

Girl is not included in price, mask only.

The year 2020 will be remembered for centuries, the year when another Coronavirus hit mankind and paralyzed almost the entire planet in a widespread pandemic.
To keep our customers extra safe and to minimize the virus to spread, we at MaxxECU bring you the ANTI-PROLIFERATIVE AND SELF-SANITIZING U mask model two face-cover, used by mostly all Formula one racing teams during this pandemic.
Selected features
  • Used by mostly all Formula one racing teams during Corona pandemic
  • new biotech activated layer
  • Block and DESTROYS air contaminants inside the filter
  • innovative technology that is all-natural
  • non-toxic for humans
  • offers guaranteed results for at least 150-200 hours of effective use
  • best available protection there is