CAS trigger kit (RB Engines)

kr 3 330.00


Product description

This is an upgrade for that 20+year old factory cam angle sensor. It replaces the factory system with a 24 minus 1 disc with a Bosch VR reluctor sensor. Its a complete bolt and plug in system and can be fitted and back up and running in as little as 15mins making it a perfect upgrade for anything from 150kw RB20DET to a 600kw RB32 with out the expense of a full aftermarket crank trigger kit It can stay with you as you change engines as the same kit works for any of the RB twin cam engines. It works with Stock, HKS, Tomei and Greddy cam gears.
Works with: MaxxECU, Link, Haltech Elite/platinum sport, emtron, motec

Product id: 1984

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