Bosch Motorsport 1500cc injector (high impedance)

kr 2 000.00


Product description

E85 / methanol compatible, stainless steel internals,  ev1 connector, bolt on cossy, Audi aan etc. We use these on all high hp 2jz builds and also on Fredrik Aasbø Toyota Gr supra  driftcar and made 1060whp on  these with e100.

These injectors comes in flowmached sets with uniqe  engraved serial number. These injectors have stock serial number wiped off from manufactor, if you dont like that, dont buy them.

Dead times : 8v:2,88 -10v:1,94 -12v ,1,48 -14v 1,22 – 16v 1,02 -18v 0,88. Rating at 57psi 4 bar that gives good atomation on spray pathern.