PLEX SDM-550® 5” Pro-level Dash Display & Logger powerful

kr 23 587.50


The new SDM-550® is meant to become the preferred mid-size display & logger for quality driven customers. The built-in 20Hz GNSS module with dead reckoning ensures accurate lap timing even in low signal conditions. Configuration is very fast & intuitive and USB logging diminishes file downloading time. The SDM-550® comes in a rugged IP67 aluminium enclosure & features an anti-reflective IPS TFT display that is viewable in all conditions. Similar to all other PLEX displays, the SDM-550® is fully configurable and provides our unbeatable clean graphics with effective viewing ergonomics.


5» Ultra-vidid IPS Display

Very bright & high-contrast (800 cd/m2) 800 x 480 IPS TFT colour display with high-quality broadband ARC antireflective glass for optimum performance in all light conditions

20Hz Concurrent GNSS Module

Built-in 20Hz GNSS Module with ultra-fast start-up time that works with all satelites (GPS, Glonass, Galileo, Beidou) for accurate lap-timing with section break-down & raw data logging

Smart Alarms / Warnings

Easy to set-up pre-loaded smart alarms with history of the last 100 kept in memory with time, duration and value

Compact & Rugged

IP67 sealing, rugged CNC aluminum enclosure and very compact dimensions (size & depth) to fit on every type of dashboard

Quick-Glance™ UI

Proprietary UI design ensures optimal viewability and reduced driver distraction by optimising smart colour coding and contrast for the driver’s peripheral vision.

100Hz Inertial Measurement Unit

Accurate Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU) that combines accelerometer, gyroscope and magnetometer to calculate the vehicles’s specific force & angular rate: pitch, roll and yaw

Up to 512 Data Channels

Display up to 512 data / flag channels from an ECU, OBDII, sensor and internally calculated parameters

Sealed Automotive Connector

10x multi-purpose inputs (digital – analog – frequency) that can be configured for any type sensor, plus two auxiliary outputs

Automatic Page Changing

Hands-free display page changing based on user-defined conditions such as engine status and/or load to help you keep your attention focused

Performance Measurements

Integrated performance meter functionality
that runs constantly in the background calculates vehicle acceleration & deceleration performance

Fast & Easy Wi-Fi Configuration

Quickly configure CAN BUS receive / transmit, design custom pages, set smart alarms or setup multi-use inputs & aux outputs.

Unlimited USB Logging

Unlimited logging memory using USB flash drives for zero file download time


  • Works with after-market ECUs
  • Works with OBDII ISO15765
  • Custom OBD PIDs
  • Customisable CAN BUS & I/Os
  • Programmable LED Lights


  • Compact & Rugged
  • IP67 Sealing
  • Anti-reflective IPS display
  • Integrated IMU
  • Integrated GPS


  • IP67 Sealing
  • Anti-reflective IPS display
  • Rugged Enclosure
  • Integrated IMU
  • Integrated GPS


  • IP67 Sealing
  • Anti-reflective IPS display
  • Rugged Enclosure
  • Integrated IMU
  • Integrated GPS


  • Click here for the online version of the instructions manual
  • PC Software

    Free PC Software bundled with the product. Click here to download.