PSR Forward Rotation internal wastegate. Dual Ball Bearing Billet Turbocharger HP Rating 300-900hp.

kr 15 000.00


  • Dual Ceramic ball bearing system provides optimal turbo response &
    better durability by reducing the shaft-motion
  • 9 Blade G-Aero Billet Compressor Wheel with Extended Tapered Tip Technology
  • 9 Blade G-Aero Inconel 713c Turbine Wheel
  • Anti-Surge ported-shroud compressor inlet, cover integrated with the speed sensor port
  • Internally Wastegated, Billet Actuator(12-14 psi)
  • Can be delivered with the flange you need and correct kompressor and turbine wheels to suit your engine .
  • Prices start from 600 to 1000usd+ shipping depening on spec and size.
  • Send e mail to : Then you got the perfeckt turbo to your engine.