Skoda Octavia RS 00-05

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Engine Code: AUQ
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Audi 1.8T (ME 7.5)

MaxxECU RACE Plugin ECU solution with full CAN bus implementation

Easy installation

Within a few hours this Plugin ECU replacement is up and running

Full CAN bus implementation

Dash and instrument cluster is supported via the advanced CAN interface

Audi 1.8T

Unleash the underestimated 4-cylinder Audi engine with the MaxxECU Plugin ECU solution

Selected MaxxECU advantages
  • Built-in MAP-sensor (up to 43 psi / 3bar of boost pressure)
  • MDash/RealDash Android app connectivity
  • Superfast USB communication
  • High or low impedance injector support
  • No changes in original electronics
  • Direct access to 6 EGT-sensors
Selected vehicle features
  • Uses stock harness, easy installation
  • The air mass meter is removed
  • Controls idle valve, AC, tachometer and other instruments
  • Controls E-Throttle, EVAP and other valves
  • Full CAN bus control of the stock dash
  • Uses stock wideband oxygen sensor(s)
Selected MaxxECU functions
  • Boost control
  • Launch control
  • Shift-cut
  • Lambda control
  • Boost level switching



Audi S3/A4 1.8T (ME 7.5) MaxxECU RACE Plugin EXTRA, Audi S3/A4 1.8T (ME 7.5) MaxxECU RACE Plugin STANDARD