Toyota Supra MKIV 93-97

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Engine Code: 2JZ
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Toyota Supra MKIV (2JZ)

MaxxECU Plugin ECU for Toyota Supra MKIV (2JZ)

Installation is a breeze

Within a few hours your 2JZ is up and running and just waiting to be tuned by the closest tuning mastermind…

Fits most Toyota Supra

Fits 2JZ-GTE, non-VVTi models (MaxxECU also supports the variable valve timing system)


One of the worlds most famous engines in the tuning industry. Can handle massive power with stock internals. There are many impressive builds out there. Unleash the power of the 2JZ with MaxxECU engine management



Toyota supra MKIV (2JZ) MaxxECU RACE Plugin EXTRA, Toyota supra MKIV (2JZ) MaxxECU STREET Plugin EXTRA