PLEX KNOCK MONITOR V3 Basic with 2x knocksensors and canbus

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The World’s Best Knock Detection Tool. 
full re-envisioned | hi-fidelity | build to last

Product Variants

  • Basic | CAN BUS port, 2D knock threshold, 2x knock sensor inputs, detection per cylinder, USB datalogging/streaming, up to 64 data channels display/logging, RPM input, audio/log file playback function

Announcing the new, fully re-envisioned PLEX KNOCK MONITOR® V3, a professional hi-fidelity knock detection tool for the data-driven tuner. The new version comes with fully re-designed electronics, hardware and UI and brings a whole new level to the process of identifying and analyzing detonation on any IC engine. A set of new features and algorithms powered by a multi-core main processor with dedicated audio DSP allows one to pinpoint knocking on a cylinder level like never before.

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New Powerful Processor

Independent high-speed processing of the various sub systems with guaranteed performance even with the most complex configurations

Enhanced Per-Cylinder Detection

Much more accurate per cylinder knock monitoring using the engine position signal input

Advanced Knock Detection Settings

Level-up your detection by setting signal gain per cylinder and/or per sensor and configure signal windowing vs engine position


Simultaneous viewing and logging of CAN BUS data from ECUs and other devices

100Mbit Ethernet

Very fast real-time data streaming to PC with electrical isolation

Unlimited USB Datalogging

Log multiple knock audio and multiple data channels from knock sensors, CAN BUS and other inputs

2.8» Ultra-bright Color TFT Display

High-brightness & high-contrast IPS TFT display lets one view critical real-time knock data and also recorded files on the spot

Hi-fidelity Audio Filtering

Steep 30 dB band and high pass filters that isolate knock from background noise can be selected for different type of engines

Engine Position Signal Decoding

Easy interface to existing crank/cam trigger signals for engine speed and position input

CAN BUS Output

Fully configurable CAN BUS message output of all available device data channels

Configurable RBG LED Lights

4 configurable LEDs to warn user and indicate device status and knock alarms

Industrial M8 Connector/Wiring System

New, improved wire loom with industrial M8 connectors make device use more reliable and convenient

Dedicated Multi-core DSP

A new DSP core enhances audio signal processing and facilitates more advanced knock detection algorithms

3D Knock Threshold

Multiple options for the automatic or user defined knock threshold calculation with corrections vs engine speed and load

Audio Recording & Playback

Easily listen and view recorded audio files on the device or the PC software

AC Coupled Knock Signal Inputs

Can be connected in parallel with ECU OEM sensors

Powerful PC Analysis SW

New version compatible with our PDA-WIN Data Analysis & Visualization software

Raw Noise

Listen to the raw sensor signal noise

Knock Threshold

Automatically calculated or user defined knock signal threshold

Raw Noise Filtered

The raw sensor signal noise after passing the band-pass filter

Knock Count

Total knock event count per cylinder

Knock Event Frequency

The number of knock events per 100 engine cycles

Knock Intensity

The calculated real-time knock intensity 0-100%

Knock Metrics per Input

Sensor signal level

Engine Position / Trigger

Engine speed, sync errors, tooth overflow/underflow errors

Frequency Analysis

Real-time FFT analysis to assist in detecting & verifying the knock frequency for each engine

Building on the success of its predecessor and utilising a new future proof, high-performance electronics platform the new PLEX KNOCK MONITOR® V3 was designed from scratch with the aim of providing the most advanced and reliable knock detection possible. Our trusted customers have played a pivotal role in feeding us with usage insights and requirements that we have integrated into the development process.

Fully re-designed electronics & hardware

Significantly improved knock detection accuracy (Hi-Fi)

Crank trigger patter signal decoding

Enhanced design / form factor for better ergonomics

Significantly enhanced knock detection options/variables

Knock signal widowing vs engine position

New & Improved Industrial M8 Connectors & Wiring System

Real-time knock frequency analysis (FFT)

Per cylinder gain and threshold settings

New High-Brightness 2.8» Color TFT IPS Display

Simultaneous multi-channel CAN BUS datalogging

Audio recording and playback function

Physical & Price V2 V3 BASIC V3 HD
Price ex. VAT €799 – €950 €999 – €1.099 €1249 – €1.369
Dimensions in mm (w/h/d) 120/74/18 132/76/26 132/76/26
Weight xxg 250g 250g
Material CNC Aluminium CNC Aluminium CNC Aluminium
Display & LEDs
Size 2.3″ 2.8″ 2.8″
Resolution 128×64 240×320 240×320
Brightness <100cd/m2 900cd/m2 900cd/m2
Type LCD Color TFT IPS Color TFT IPS
Refresh Rate 15Hz 50Hz 50Hz
LED Lights 2x fixed colour 4x configurable RBG 4x configurable RBG
Connectors JWPF M8 Industrial M8 Industrial
Knock/Vibration sensor inputs 1-2 2 2
Analog Inputs 0-5V 1 2 (shared) 2 (shared)
Digital Inputs 0-5V 0 2 (shared) 2 (shared)
Trigger Inputs 1x digital 2x HALL/Inductive 2x HALL/Inductive
Analog Outputs 0-5V 2 2 2
CAN BUS 1 1 1
Ethernet yes
USB 1 (configuration) 2 (logging &config.) 2 (logging & config.)
Internal Sensors
Device/Sensor Voltage Monitor +12V supp./+5V sensor sup. +12V supp./+5V sensor sup.
Ambient Light Sensor
Real-time Clock with battery backup with battery backup
Device TEMP Sensor yes yes
User Interface
# of Pages fixed menu up to 24 up to 24
Custom Page Design yes yes
Colour Themes yes yes
Memory ext. USB ext. USB
Logging Rate Max 44Khz knock/vibration, 100Hz other data 44Khz knock/vibration, 100Hz other data
# Logged Channels 64 256
Engine Log yes yes yes
Alarms Log yes yes
Knock Metrics Int., Cnt, Thrh. (all per cylinder) Int., Cnt, Evt, Thrh. (all per cyl.) Int., Cnt, Evt, Thrh. (all per cyl.)
Knock Frequency Analysis real-time (per cylinder) real-time (per cylinder)
Gain per Cylinder HD variant
Gain per Sensor yes HD variant
Knock Windowing HD variant
Real-time FFT HD variant
Math Channels 4 8
Electrical Data
Supply Voltage Range 9-30V DC 9-30V DC
Current Consumption max. 0.3A at 12V max. 2A at 12V max. 2A at 12V
What’s In The Box
Cable Harness yes yes yes
Knock Sensor Connectors yes optional optional
Knock Sensors yes optional optional
USB Cable yes yes yes
Micro SD Memory Card (with USB adapter) no yes yes
Headphones /Ear Mufflers no no no


2x Knock Sensor Inputs, CAN BUS port, 2D knock threshold, USB datalogging, up to 64 data channels, engine position inputs for RPM

V3 Basic plus 2x Bosch Knock Sensors with connectors


V3 Basic plus: 3D knock threshold, gain per cylinder, gain per sensor, knock windowing, real-time FFT, up to 256 data channels, crank trigger patter signal decoding

V3 HD plus 2x Bosch Sensors with Connectors


Option upgrade from BASIC version to HD Version

Set of 2 Bosch Knock Sensors with Connectors


The World’s Best Knock Detection Tool. Coming Soon.
full re-envisioned | hi-fidelity | build to last